July 18, 2016 | By: Mary Rechtoris

Madison (Wis.) Surgery Center’s strong commitment to being eco-friendly spurred the surgery center to begin using single-use device reprocessing, which also accrued substantial cost savings for the center. Nearly a year after implementing its SUD reprocessing program, the ambulatory surgery center had net savings totaling $59,789 and diverted nearly 4,738 pounds of waste.

Madison Surgery Center worked with third-party reprocessor Stryker’s Sustainability Solutions to save money and reduce waste. Stryker’s Sustainability Solutions makes the process efficient and easy because time is a valuable resource for ASCs.

“Stryker has a person come in and collect the devices, so the process is relatively hands-off once you put the device in the recycling bin,” says Jon Chmielewski, Madison Surgery Center’s quality and risk manager. “They have really helped with all we have on our plate.”